Firstpost Tech Infographic: Facebook releases world’s ‘most social’ cities

We’re all addicted to Facebook. We can’t  stop checking in, F-liking, posting pictures, no matter where we are, thanks to our smartphones. Facebook has compiled a list of check-ins made on the site from 25 cities worldwide to determine the world’s most social landmarks. And  they’ve released some very cool info graphics along with the data.

According to Facebook’s data,  the Number 1 ranked landmarks across the 25 cities include:

7 sports stadiums and arenas
6 public areas such squares, parks and gardens
2 amusement parks
2 concert areas
2 shopping-related: shopping centers and malls

It seems shopping malls are the popular places for people to login worldwide. Delhi’s Hard Rock Cafe also finds a mention in the list of the most the popular places for logging in. Here’s the complete infographic. Sadly no special infographic for just Indian cities. That’s sad since India has the second highest number of Facebook users in the world, after the US.

The following infographic looks at the most social landmark in some cities across the world


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