Jittery cursor – a metaphor?


So I’m typing away on my MacBook Pro and suddenly the cursor starts jumping around the screen at random. Try as I might, I couldn’t control it with the trackpad. I have an external mouse for emergencies, so I plugged that in, and things seemed to calm down for a minute or two, but then the cursor started skipping around again. It even jumped around when I wasn’t touching the computer, which I found a little spooky. It would open up files all on its own, and when I was online it would open and close pages seemingly at will, as I looked on helplessly.

But it also had short times when it worked just fine. During one of those, I did some quick Googling and discovered that many, many computer users were having exactly the same problem, and not just on Macs — on PCs, too. Furthermore, none of…

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