Social Networking Makes People Anxious: Study

Over 50% of polled participants report negative change in behaviour, attribute it to constant comparisons with online friends’ achievements.

Social Networking Makes People Anxious: Study
Social Networking

A study carried out by the University of Salford on social networking sites reveals how services such as Facebook andTwitter can make users feel anxious and inadequate. Results from a poll conducted with 298 participants show that more than 50% have seen behaviour changes in themselves for the worse. Of the 53% participants who reported a change in their attitude, 51% found the impact to be negative.

The cause attributed by most people was that their confidence took a beating because they were constantly comparing their achievements with their friends online. Moreover, two-thirds of the pool found it hard to relax or sleep soundly after networking online, while one-fourth revealed that they had been left facing issues in their relationships or workplace after online face-offs. In an indication as to how addictive these services can be, 55% of people also said that they experienced discomfort when their Facebook or email accounts could not be accessed. What’s worse, over 60% users needed to physically turn off their gadgets in order to take a break from networking online, since they were unable to ignore their beeping devices whenever somebody posted an update.


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