Dataset Vs DataReader

Introduction: Following are some of the differences between DataSet and DataReader objects in .NET.

        Dataset           DataReader
  • It is used in disconnected architecture
  • It is connection oriented.
  • Works with multiple tables
  • Works with single tables
  • Forward and backward scanning of data.
  • Only forward scanning is possible
  • We can make several edits on the dataset.
  • It is read only record set.
  • Occupy more memory
  • Occupy less memory.
  • Relationship can be maintained
  • Relationship can’t be maintained.
  • Relatively slower data access
  • Faster than data set.
  • Works with multiple records at a time.
  • Works with only 1 record at a time.
  • Transactions can be handled
  • No transaction can be handled as its read only.
  • Can be bind to multiple controls
  • Can be bind to a single control only
  • More overhead in memory as it is heavyweight
  • Lightweight object hence very less overhead
  • Supported by VS.Net tools
  • Must be manually coded.

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