Creating autogenerated sequence in SQL

Hi Guys,

Sometimes we may have to create a auto generated sequenced during development. We can do this in application language by creating a function that will check current value fro table in database and then will generate the next sequence as well as directly in database.

Below is the query that I have written some days ago while I faced the same situation.

CREATE TABLE tblEmployee
    Id INT identity
    , EmpId AS (LEFT(EmpFirtsName,1) + LEFT(EmpLastName,1)
    , EmpFirtsName VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL
    , EmpLastName VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL
INSERT into tblEmployee(EmpFirtsName, EmpLastName) values(‘Ajay’, ‘Anand’)
INSERT into tblEmployee(EmpFirtsName, EmpLastName) values(‘Sanjay’, ‘Singh’)
INSERT into tblEmployee(EmpFirtsName, EmpLastName) values(‘Vijay’, ‘Kumar’)
SELECT * FROM tblEmployee

Is it not good? It will just reduce the coding at front end and empower that database from back end thus reducing the application overhead to generate the next sequence.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


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