Cascade GridView In ASP.NET

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Have you ever used cascading GridView (GridView inside another GridView) ? I recently got a chance to work on an project where I have to display data in Master Detail relationship so I thought why don’t I used GridView to display detail data with displaying data along with Master data so tried to use Gridview inside a parent GridView. Continue reading


GridView Binding With Dynamic table with Add and Remove Records features

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Several times during development we do have to face some situations where we need to Bind GridView with Dynamic tables where you may need to add new records or delete existing records from the dynamic tables. Below is the code to do so which i wrote while developing an application.

HTML Code: Paste this code in design mode(html view)

<asp:GridView ID=”grvStudentDetails” runat=”server” ShowFooter=”True” AutoGenerateColumns=”False”
CellPadding=”4″ ForeColor=”#333333″ GridLines=”None” Continue reading

Gridview Paging With TableSorter Pager Plugin

Introduction:  In the previous article i have illustrated how we can use table sorter plugin into ASP.NET GridView Control to sort records displayed in gridview at client side without consuming server resources..This article describes the implementation of Pager ad-on of the table sorter plugin with GridView in ASP.NET to display paged records at the client side. So without making any post back you would be able to display desired no of records in gridview. So this would be a great approach if your application is going to contains large chunk/amount of data  that need to sort and display at client side. Continue reading

Sort GridView Using Table Sorter At Client Side


First of all i would like to introduce you with the table sorter. It’s an add-on that uses jQuery plugin to sort the table at client. Since we are sorting table at client side so no server resources is being consumed and no post back occurs and no load on server side for sorting the table. you can download this plugin from the following website .Christian Bach is the author of this plugin which did a fantastic job. Continue reading

GridView Events Summary


In this article i have tried to summarize all the  events of grid view which i came across.

What is a GridView?

The DataGrid or GridView control displays data in tabular form, and it also supports selecting, sorting, paging, and editing the data inside the grid itself. The DataGrid or GridView generates a BoundColumn for each field in the data source (AutoGenerateColumns=true). By directly assigning the data source to the GridView, the data can be rendered in separate columns, in the order it occurs in the data source. By default, the field names appear in the grid’s column headers, and values are rendered in text labels. A default format is applied to non-string values and it can be changed.

GridView Fields

Column Name Description
BoundColumn To control the order and rendering of columns.
HyperLinkColumn Presents the bound data in HyperLink controls
ButtonColumn Bubbles a user command from within a row to the grid event handler
TemplateColumn Controls which controls are rendered in the column
CommandField Displays Edit, Update, and Cancel links in response to changes in the DataGrid control’s EditItemIndex property.

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